Code of practice


The objectives of the Code of Practice are to:

  • provide information to the suppliers represented on the ‘Buy Recycled Directory’ on their rights and obligations to ensure fair and consistent representation of their products.
  • increase consumer confidence in and access to procurement of products containing recycled content.
  • promote the benefits of purchasing products that contain recycled content.

The Code of Practice does not take precedence over statutory requirements. It is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that the promotion of their product on the directory does not contravene any statutory requirements.


  • Directory: “The Directory refers to the Sustainability Victoria Buy Recycled Directory, herein referred to as “the directory”.

Joining as a supplier

Any business or organisation can apply to be on the directory by registering. Registered suppliers agree to comply with the terms of this Code of Practice. All products uploaded by the supplier on the directory must contain recycled content and meet each of the compliance criteria. It is the obligation of the supplier to ensure that information represented on the directory is correct and up to date.

Product compliance criteria

Criteria for listing products on the directory:

  • Products must have some amount of recycled content.
  • Recycled content use must be greater than 0%, but otherwise there is no minimum recycled content requirement.
  • Products should be certified against any claims made. For example, substantiated by a third-party Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
  • Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Meet obligations regarding environmental claims under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) contained within it.
  • Any claims must meet the ACCC Green marketing and the Australian Consumer Law guidelines.

Change of production process, feedstock, or sourcing inputs

Where there is a change to a production process or the source of inputs so that a good listed on a supplier’s product list no longer meets the compliance criteria, the supplier must notify Sustainability Victoria immediately and cease promoting their product on the directory.

Removal of product/supplier

Sustainability Victoria may at any time remove a product from a suppliers list where it is satisfied that:

  1. the product does not meet one or more of the compliance criteria; and/or
  2. the product is likely to bring the directory into disrepute.

In such cases, a supplier may request a review of the decision

By submitting your product for representation on the directory, you warrant that all information is correct and that your product meets all of the above product compliance criteria.